Synonyms to enjoyer

consumer, Brillat-Savarin, Lucullus, board-and-roomer, boarder, bon vivant, browser, buyer, cannibal, carnivore, connoisseur of food, customer agent, diner, diner-out, eater, eater-out, employer, emptor, epicure, feeder, flesh-eater, fruitarian, gastronome, glutton, gourmand, gourmet, grain-eater, graminivore, granivore, herbivore, high liver, hungry mouth, lactovegetarian, luncher, man-eater, marketer, meat-eater, mouth, omnivore, omophagist, pantophagist, phytophage, picnicker, plant-eater, predacean, purchaser, purchasing agent, shopper, trencherman, user, vegetarian, vendee, window-shopper, boss, business, bwana, chef, chief, church dignitary, company, corporation, director, ecclesiarch, elder, establishment, firm, gaffer, goodman, governor, guru, head, husband, liege, liege lord, lord, lord paramount, manager, master, organization, outfit, overlord, owner, padrone, paramount, paterfamilias, patriarch, patron, proprietor, rabbi, sahib, seigneur, seignior, starets, teacher, holder, accepter, acquirer, addressee, audience, auditor, beholder, bracket, candelabrum, candle