Synonyms to endow with

award, Academy Award, Christmas present, Nobel Prize, Oscar, accolade, accommodation, accord, accordance, action, administer, afford, allocate, allot, allow, apportion, assign, awarding, badge, bays, bestow, bestow on, bestowal, bestowment, birthday present, booby prize, box, cadeau, communicate, communication, concede, concession, condemnation, confer, conferment, conferral, consideration, consolation prize, contribution, deal, deal out, decision, decoration, decree, deliverance, delivery, determination, diagnosis, dictum, dish out, dispense, distinction, dole, dole out, donate, donation, doom, dower, endow, endowment, endue, extend, fairing, finding, first prize, fork out, furnish, furnishment, gift, gift with, gifting, give, give freely, give out, giving, grant, granting, hand out, handsel, heap, help to, impart, impartation, impartment, investiture, issue, jackpot, kudos, laurels, lavish, let have, liberality, mete, mete out, oblation, offer, offering, order, peace offering, pour, precedent, present, presentation, presentment, prize, proffer, prognosis, pronouncement, provision, rain, render, resolution