Synonyms to encasement

boxing, Chinese boxing, bottling, bout, boxing match, canning, close fighting, crating, fighting, fisticuffs, infighting, package, packaging, packing, prizefight, prizefighting, pugilism, ring, savate, shadowboxing, spar, the clinches, the fights, the ring, tinning, anhydration, blast-freezing, brining, corning, curing, dehydration, desiccation, dry-curing, drying, embalming, evaporation, freeze-drying, freezing, fuming, irradiation, jerking, marination, mummification, pickling, potting, quick-freezing, refrigeration, salting, seasoning, smoking, stuffing, taxidermy, case, Bible truth, Smyth sewing, abessive, ablative, absolute fact, accepted fact, accusative, action, actual fact, adessive, admitted fact, afghan, alien, allative, ammunition box, anyhow, anyway, apoplectic, approximative, argument, argumentum, ark, arthritic, article, ascender, aspect, at all events, attache case, axiom, back, backing, bag, bald fact, bandolier, bare fact, bark, barrel, basis, basket, bastard type, beard, bearings, bed linen, bedcloth