Synonyms to electrogild

electrolyze, acetify, acidify, acidulate, alkalify, alkalize, borate, carbonate, catalyze, chemical, chlorinate, dialyze, dissociate, electrogalvanize, electroplate, ferment, galvanize, homopolymerize, hydrate, hydrogenate, hydrolyze, hydroxylate, ionize, isomerize, nitrate, oxidize, pepsinate, peroxidize, phosphatize, photolyze, polymerize, reduce, sulfate, sulfatize, sulfonate, work, activate, actuate, amplify, animate, arouse, charge, chromium-plate, compel, copperplate, dynamize, electrify, energize, enliven, excite, exhilarate, fillip, fire, force, foster, generate, hearten, impel, inflame, infuse life into, invigorate, jazz up, kindle, liven, loop in, motivate, move, move to action, pep up, perk up, pick up, pique, plate, plug in, prime, promote, propel, provoke, quicken, renew, resuscitate, revive, rouse, set in motion, sharpen, shock, short, short-circuit, snap up, spark, step down, step up, stiffen, stimulate, switch off, switch on, turn off, turn on, vitalize, warm, whet, zip up