Synonyms to eat into

canker, abscess, adulterate, alloy, aposteme, bed sore, blain, blast, bleb, blight, blister, boil, break up, bubo, bulla, bunion, cancer, canker sore, carbuncle, chancre, chancroid, cheapen, chilblain, coarsen, cold sore, confound, contaminate, corrode, corrupt, crumble, crumble into dust, debase, debauch, decay, decompose, defile, deflower, degenerate, degrade, demoralize, denature, deprave, desecrate, despoil, devalue, disintegrate, distort, dry rot, eat, eat away, erode, eschar, fall into decay, fall to pieces, felon, fester, festering, fever blister, fistula, fungus, furuncle, furunculus, gangrene, gathering, gnaw, go bad, go to pieces, gumboil, hemorrhoids, infect, kibe, lesion, mildew, misuse, mold, molder, mortify, moth, moth and rust, must, necrose, nibble away, oxidize, papula, papule, paronychia, parulis, pervert, pest, petechia, piles, pimple, pock, poison, pollute, polyp, prostitute, pustule, putrefy, putresce, rankle, ravage, ravish, rising, rot, rust, scab, smut, soft chancre, sore, sphacelate, spoil, stain, stigma, sty, suppurate, suppuration, swelling, taint, tubercle, twist, ulcer, ulcerate, ulceration, v