Synonyms to drift along

flow on, advance, continue, deluge, dip, drown, duck, dunk, elapse, endure, expire, flit, float, flood, flow, fly, glide, go by, go on, inundate, jog on, lapse, last, march on, pass, pass by, pour on, press on, proceed, rain, roll on, rub on, run, run its course, run on, run out, slide, slip, sluice, submerge, swamp, whelm, abide, ambulate, ankle, bide, carry on, cease not, chug on, circumambulate, drag on, foot, foot it, go along, hold on, hold steady, hoof it, jaywalk, keep going, keep on, leg, leg it, linger, lumber, never cease, pace, pad, pedestrianize, peg, perambulate, peripateticate, plod, plod along, plug, plug along, remain, schlep, shuffle along, slog on, stagger on, stay, stay on, step, stride, stump, stump it, tarry, traipse, tramp, tread, trudge, walk, march, Berlin wall, Pillars of Hercules, abut, accord, adjoin, advancement, advancing, airing, ambit, amble, anabasis, arena, around, backpack, bailiwick, bamboo curtain, be getting along, beat, beef, befringe, bind, bitch, boggle, border, border ground, border lin