Synonyms to draughty

breezy, active, activist, activistic, aeolian, aerial, aeriform, aery, airish, airlike, airy, alfresco, alive, animated, atmospheric, blasty, blithesome, blowy, blustering, blusterous, blustery, boreal, bouncing, bouncy, brisk, bubbly, buoyant, carefree, casual, cheerful, cheery, chipper, common, corky, debonair, degage, drafty, ebullient, effervescent, energetic, ethereal, exposed, favonian, flawy, free and easy, fresh, frisky, full of go, full of life, full of pep, gusty, informal, jaunty, light, light-hearted, lighthearted, lightsome, live, lively, low-pressure, mercurial, militant, open-air, peppy, perky, pert, pneumatic, puffy, quicksilver, relaxed, resilient, roomy, smacking, snappy, spanking, spirited, sprightly, spry, squally, tropospheric, unconstrained, unfussy, vivacious, windy, zingy, CD, IOU, MO, abbreviation, abbreviature, abrege, abridgment, abstract, acceptance, acceptance bill, air current, arrangement, article, attraction, autograph, bag, bang, bank acceptance, bank check, beverage, bill, bill of draft, bill of exchange, black and white, blackmail, blank check, blueprint, booster, boo