Synonyms to downcoming

deciduous, arborary, arboreal, arboreous, arborescent, arboresque, arborical, arboriform, brittle, bushlike, bushy, capricious, changeable, citrous, collapsing, coniferous, corruptible, declining, declivitous, decurrent, dendriform, dendritic, dendroid, descendant, descending, down, down-reaching, downfalling, downgoing, downhill, downsinking, downward, drooping, dropping, dying, ephemeral, evanescent, evergreen, fading, falling, fickle, fleeting, flitting, fly-by-night, flying, fragile, frail, fugacious, fugitive, half-hardy, hardwood, hardy, impermanent, impetuous, impulsive, inconstant, insubstantial, momentary, mortal, mutable, nondeciduous, nondurable, nonpermanent, on the descendant, on the downgrade, passing, perennial, perishable, piny, plummeting, plunging, sagging, scrubbly, scrubby, scrublike, setting, short-lived, shrubby, shrublike, sinking, softwood, submerging, subsiding, temporal, temporary, tottering, transient, transitive, transitory, treelike, tumbledown, undurable, unenduring, unstable, volatile, abjuration, abjurement, abnegation, aging, chucking, chucking out, colla