Synonyms to doubtfully

askance, aside, askant, askew, asquint, awry, broadside, broadside on, cam, captiously, censoriously, cock-a-hoop, cockeyed, crabwise, critically, crookedly, cynically, disapprovingly, distrustfully, doubtingly, edgeway, edgeways, edgewise, glancingly, laterad, laterally, on its side, on the beam, reproachfully, right and left, sideling, sidelong, sideward, sidewards, sideway, sideways, sidewise, sidling, skeptically, suspiciously, unfavorably, in suspense, abeyant, addled, anxious, apathetic, apprehensive, at a loss, at issue, baffled, bamboozled, beat, buffaloed, cataleptic, catatonic, conditional, conditioned, confounded, confusedly, contingent, dazed, dazedly, dead, dependent, depending, disconcertedly, dopey, dormant, dubiously, dull, flat, floored, foul, fuddled, groggy, heavy, in a daze, in a dilemma, in a maze, in abeyance, in question, in the balance, inactive, inert, keyed-up, languid, languorous, latent, leaden, licked, lifeless, logy, mazedly, muddled, mystified, nonplussed, on edge, on tenterhooks, on tiptoe, open, passive, pendent, pending, perplexed, perplexedly, phlegmatic, p