Synonyms to dotal

endowed, accoutered, armed, blessed with, born for, catered, cut out for, dower, dowered, dowry, enfeoffed, equipped, fitted, fitted out, furnished, gifted, having, having and holding, heeled, holding, in possession of, invested, landed, landholding, landowning, made for, master of, occupying, outfitted, owning, pensionary, possessed of, possessing, prepared, propertied, property-owning, provided, purveyed, rigged, seized of, stipendiary, subsidiary, supplied, talented, tenured, with a flair, worth, appareled, arrayed, attired, bedecked, breeched, capped, chausse, clad, cloaked, clothed, coifed, costumed, decked, dight, disguised, dressed, endued, garbed, garmented, gowned, habilimented, habited, hooded, liveried, mantled, pantalooned, raimented, rigged out, robed, shod, shoed, tired, togged, tricked out, trousered, vested, vestmented, allottee, almsman, almswoman, annuitant, assign