Synonyms to dorsal airdome

aeroplane, adjustable propeller, afterburner, aileron, air controls, air scoop, aircraft, airlift, airplane, airscrew, astrodome, avion, balloon, bay, be airborne, beaching gear, blister, body, bomb bay, bonnet, bow, brace wire, bubble, bubble canopy, bubble hood, bucket seat, cabin, canopy, cat strip, chassis, chin, coaxial propellers, cockpit, coke-bottle fuselage, control surface, control wires, cowl, crew compartment, cruise, deck, dihedral, drift, dual controls, ejection seat, ejector, elevator, elevon, ferry, fin, finger patch, flap, flit, float, fly, flying machine, fuel injector, fuselage, gas-shaft hood, glide, gore, gull wing, gun mount, hatch, heavier-than-air craft, hood, hop, hover, hydroplane, instruments, jackstay, jet, jet pipe, keel, kite, laminar-flow system, landing gear, launching gear, launching tube, leading edge, longeron, nacelle, navigate, nose, pants, parasol wing, plane, pod, pontoon, prop, propeller, rudder, rudder bar, sail, sailplane, seaplane, ship, ski landing gear, slitwing, soar, spinner, spoiler, spray strip, stabilizator, stabilizer, stay, stick, stick control, st