Synonyms to doodlebug

wand, Tarnkappe, armory, badge, badge of office, badges, baton, blazonry, brassard, button, caduceus, cap and gown, cap of darkness, chain, chain of office, class ring, cockade, collar, crook, crosier, cross, cross-staff, decoration, divining rod, dowser, dowsing, dowsing rod, dress, eagle, emblems, ensigns, fasces, fern seed, figurehead, fleur-de-lis, gavel, hammer and sickle, heraldry, insignia, lapel pin, livery, mace, magic belt, magic carpet, magic ring, magic spectacles, magic wand, mantle, markings, medal, merrythought, mortarboard, old school tie, pin, portfolio, regalia, ring, rod, rod of office, rose, scepter, school ring, seven-league boots, shamrock, sigillography, skull and crossbones, sphragistics, staff, swastika, tartan, thistle, tie, truncheon, uniform, verge, wand of office, water witch, water witching, wish-bringer, wish-giver, wishbone, wishing bone, wishing cap, wishing stone, wishing well, witching, witching stick, Comus, Faust, conjurer, diabolist, diviner, miracle-worker, necromancer, sorcerer, thaumaturge, t