Synonyms to done in

all in, beat, beat up, beaten, bleary, bone-weary, bushed, dead, dead-and-alive, dead-tired, deadbeat, depleted, dog-tired, dog-weary, done, done up, drained, exhausted, fagged out, far-gone, gone, knocked out, played out, pooped, pooped out, prostrate, ready to drop, spent, tired out, tired to death, tuckered out, used up, washed-out, washed-up, weary unto death, whacked, wiped out, worn-out, ausgespielt, bankrupt, blasted, blighted, broken, burned-out, desolated, destroyed, devastated, devitalized, disabled, done for, down-and-out, effete, emptied, enervated, enfeebled, eviscerated, fallen, fatigued, finished, frazzled, gone to pot, in ruins, incapacitated, irremediable, jaded, kaput, laid low, overthrown, ravaged, ruined, ruinous, run-down, sapped, shotten, spoiled, tired, undone, wasted, weakened, worn, wrecked, ablated, anemic, arid, asthenic, barren, blah, blank, bloodless, bootless, burnt up, characterless, chicken, cold, colorless, coming apart, consumed, co