Synonyms to donate to

chip in, acknowledge, be enfranchised, be implicated in, bear a hand, bear the expense, break in, chime in, come through, contribute, contribute to, cut in, defray, defray expenses, enter into, finance, foot the bill, fund, gift, gift with, give to, go Dutch, go into, have suffrage, help decide, honor a bill, interrupt, join, join in, kick in, make the scene, partake, partake of, participate, participate in, pay for, pay the bill, pay the piper, pitch in, pledge, pull an oar, put in, redeem, sit in, sit in on, stand the costs, subscribe, sweeten the kitty, take part in, vote, advance, advantage, boost, conduce to, decide, determine, encourage, expedite, facilitate, favor, forward, foster, further, hasten, influence, lead to, lend wings to, make for, promote, push forward, put forward, quicken, redound to, set forward, speed, subserve, turn the scale, accommodate, add to, afford, aid, assist, augment, bend to, be