Synonyms to dods

blue devils, blahs, blue Johnnies, blues, dismals, doldrums, dolefuls, dorts, dumps, frumps, grumps, megrims, mopes, mulligrubs, mumps, pink elephants, pink spiders, pouts, snakes, sulks, sullens, the beezie-weezies, the heebie-jeebies, the jimjams, the screaming meemies, the shakes, Brautlied, Christmas carol, Kunstlied, Liebeslied, Volkslied, alba, anthem, art song, aubade, ballad, ballade, balladry, ballata, barcarole, bluegrass, blues song, boat song, border ballads, bridal hymn, brindisi, calypso, canso, canticle, canzone, canzonet, canzonetta, carol, cavatina, chanson, chant, chantey, city blues, country blues, country music, country-and-western music, croon, croon song, dejection, depression, dirge, ditty, drinking song, epithalamium, ethnic music, field holler, folk song, folk songs, gloom, heavyheartedness, hymeneal, lay, lied, lilt, love song, love-lilt, matin, melancholia, melancholy, minstrel song, minstrelsy, national anthem, old-time country music, prothalamium