Synonyms to documents

credentials, ID card, badge, calligram, calling card, card, certification, character, countermark, countersign, documentation, dog tag, endorsement, identification, identification badge, identification tag, initials, letter of introduction, monogram, papers, press card, recommendation, reference, sanction, serial number, signature, tessera, testimonial, visiting card, voucher, material, Adamic, Circean, Formica, Masonite, Philistine, a propos, ab ovo, absolute, abundance, accumulation, actual, ad rem, adducible, admissible, air, amassment, animal, animalistic, apparatus, appertaining, applicable, applying, apposite, appreciable, appropriate, apropos, asphalt, atom, atomic particles, atoms, attestative, attestive, authentic, backlog, ballpoint pen, basal, based on, basic, beastlike, beastly, bedrock, being, belonging, bestial, bibliography, big, big-league, big-name, big-time, bigwig, bigwigged, blackboard, blacktop, bodily, body of knowledge, body of learning, brick, brutal, brute, brute matter, brutish, budget, building block, canvas, cardinal, carnal, carnal-minded, carpeting, central, certain, c