Synonyms to do the chores

char, blaze, blister, brand, burn, burn in, burn off, cast, cauterize, chare, charwoman, chore, cleaner, cleaner-off, cleaner-up, cleaning lady, cleaning man, cleaning woman, coal, crack, cupel, custodian, do chars, flame, found, janitor, janitress, labor, oxidate, oxidize, parch, pyrolyze, scorch, sear, singe, solder, swinge, torrefy, turn a hand, vesicate, vulcanize, weld, work, Augean task, Herculean task, administer to, assignment, attend, attend on, backbreaker, ballbuster, bitch, busywork, care for, charge, commission, dance attendance upon, dead lift, devoir, do for, do service to, drudge, duty, effort, errand, exercise, fish to fry, handful, hard job, hard pull, heavy sledding, help, homework, job, job of work, lackey, large order, look after, maid, make-work, man-sized job, matters in hand, minister to, mission, odd job, pander to, piece of work, project, rough go, serve, service, stint, take care of, tall order, task, tend, things to do, tough job, tough proposition, trial, tribulation, uphill work, upon, valet, wait, wait on,