Synonyms to divisions

census, account, accounting, accounts, agenda, assemblage, assembly, beadroll, body count, cadastre, calendar, call-up, canvass, capitulation, census report, checklist, checkroll, code, collection, colligation, collocation, combination, comparison, composition, concourse, concurrence, confluence, conflux, congregation, constituents, content, contents, convergence, corralling, count, counting, dactylonomy, data-gathering, digest, docket, dramatis personae, elements, enumeration, foliation, gathering, guts, head count, honor roll, index, ingathering, ingredients, innards, insides, inventory, inventorying, items, junction, jury list, jury panel, juxtaposition, lineup, list, measurement, mobilization, muster, muster roll, nose count, numbering, numeration, order of business, pagination, part, parts, poll, program, property roll, quantification, quantization, questionnaire, recapitulation, reckoning, recount, recounting, rehearsal, repertory, returns, rodeo, roll, roll call, roster, rota, roundup, scroll, statement, summary, summation, summing, summing up, survey, table, table of organization, tallying,