Synonyms to divagationally

indirectly, at an angle, by proxy, circlewise, circuitously, deceitfully, deviately, deviously, digressively, divergently, excursively, fraudulently, furtively, guilefully, in behalf of, insidiously, obliquely, on one side, round about, shiftily, sideling, sidelong, sideways, sidewise, surreptitiously, to one side, treacherously, trickily, underhandedly, aside, askance, askant, aslant, aslope, asquint, atilt, away, backhand, backhanded, bevel, beveled, bias, biased, broadside, broadside on, canting, careening, circuitous, covert, crabwise, deflectional, deviant, deviative, devious, digressive, divagational, divergent, edgeway, edgeways, edgewise, excursive, flanking, glancing, glancingly, in juxtaposition, inclinational, inclinatory, inclined, inclining, indirect, laterad, lateral, laterally, leaning, lee, leeward, left-handed, listing, nearby, next-beside, oblique, on its side, on the beam, on the side, out of plumb, out of square, pitched, r