Synonyms to disparately

unevenly, at irregular intervals, at random, brokenly, by catches, by fits, by jerks, by snatches, capriciously, chaotically, choppily, desultorily, disconnectedly, discontinuously, disproportionately, eccentrically, erratically, every which way, fitfully, haltingly, helter-skelter, higgledy-piggledy, impulsively, in snatches, in spots, in the rough, inconsistently, inconstantly, indefensibly, inexcusably, inexpiably, iniquitously, interestedly, intermittently, irregularly, irremissibly, jaggedly, jerkily, lurchingly, nonuniformly, off and on, one-sidedly, partially, patchily, raggedly, rough, roughly, spasmodically, sporadically, spottily, unallowably, uncertainly, unconscionably, undeservedly, undispassionately, unequally, unfairly, unforgivably, unjustifiably, unjustly, unmethodically, unpardonably, unpredictably, unreasonably, unrhythmically, unsteadily, unsystematically, ununiformly, unwarrantably, variably, variously, whimsically, wobblingly, wrongfully, wrongly