Synonyms to dirigible

airship, Graf Zeppelin, aerostat, ballonet, balloon, basket, blimp, car, catwalk, dirigible balloon, envelope, gas chamber, gasbag, gondola, lighter-than-air craft, mooring harness, rigid airship, sandbag, semirigid airship, ship, subcloud car, zeppelin, directive, actuating, admonitory, advisory, aimable, aimed, animating, causal, causative, cautionary, chief, commanding, communication, compelling, consultative, consultatory, controlling, decree, decretal, decretive, decretory, dictating, didactic, directed, directing, direction, directional, directorial, directory, driving, edict, exhortative, exhortatory, expostulative, expostulatory, general orders, governing, guidable, guiding, head, hortative, hortatory, impelling, imperative, impulsive, inducive, instruction, instructive, jussive, leadable, leading, managerial, managing, mandating, memo, monitorial, monitory, moralistic, motivating, motivational, motive, moving, notice, obligating, on the mark, on the nose, peremptory, pointable, preachy, precept, preceptive, prescript, prescription, prescriptive, pressing, recommendatory, regul