Synonyms to dirgelike

funebrial, black, bleak, cinerary, dark, dismal, drear, drearisome, dreary, epitaphic, exequial, feral, funebrious, funebrous, funeral, funerary, funereal, gloomy, grave, gray, grim, mortuary, mournful, necrological, obituary, obsequial, saturnine, sepulchral, solemn, somber, sombrous, triste, weariful, wearisome, weary, burial, burial at sea, burying, caravan, cavalcade, column, cortege, cremation, dead march, deep six, dirge, dress parade, entombment, exequies, flyover, funeral procession, inhumation, interment, last post, line, march past, motorcade, muffled drum, mule train, obsequies, pack train, parade, pomp, procession, promenade, review, sepulture, skimmington, stream, string, taps, train, Acheronian, Acherontic, Cimmerian, Stygian, blackish, clouded, cloudy, dark and gloomy, dark-colored, darkish, darksome, depressing, depressive, disheartening, doleful, drea