Synonyms to direct order

say so, absolute power, absolutism, affirmance, affirmation, allegation, announcement, annunciation, assertion, asseveration, authority, averment, avouchment, avowal, behest, bidding, choice, command, commandment, competence, competency, conclusion, constituted authority, creed, declaration, delegated authority, dictate, dictation, dictum, discretion, divine right, enunciation, faculty, free choice, free decision, free will, full consent, hest, imperative, indirect authority, inherent authority, ipse dixit, jus divinum, lawful authority, legal authority, legitimacy, manifesto, noncontingent free will, option, order, pleasure, position, position paper, positive declaration, power, predicate, predication, prerogative, proclamation, profession, pronouncement, proposition, protest, protestation, regality, right, rightful authority, royal prerogative, say, saying, special order, stance, stand, statement, the say, the say-so, utterance, vested authority, vicarious authority, vouch, will, word, word of command, charge, demand, direct