Synonyms to depth bomb

tear gas grenade, aerial bomb, antipersonnel bomb, bomb, bombshell, carcass, concussion grenade, depth charge, fire bomb, gas grenade, grenade, hand grenade, incendiary bomb, incendiary grenade, infernal machine, petard, time bomb, wall grenade, A-bomb, Grand Guignol, H-bomb, Passion play, Tom show, antimasque, astonishment, atom-bomb, atomic bomb, audience success, ballet, batter, be a gas, be a hit, bill, blast, blitz, blockbuster, blow, blow to pieces, blow up, bombard, broadcast drama, burlesque show, bust, cannonade, catch, charade, cliff hanger, closet drama, comedy drama, crap out, critical success, daytime serial, dialogue, dive-bomb, documentary drama, drama, dramalogue, dramatic play, dramatic series, dramatize, draw a blank, drop a bomb, drop the ball, dud, dull thud, duodrama, duologue, earthshaker, epic theater, experimental theater, explosive, extravaganza, eye-opener, fail, failure, fall flat, fan, feature, fireball, fizzle, flat failure, flop, floperoo, flumm