Synonyms to delving

fishing, angling, casting, cynegetic, digging, fishery, fly fishing, following, guddling, halieutic, harpooning, hunting, in full cry, in hot pursuit, in pursuit, in search of, jigging, loaded for bear, looking for, nosy, out for, out for bear, piscation, piscatorial, piscatory, poking, probing, prying, pursuant, pursuing, questing, rod and reel, searching, seeking, still-fishing, trawling, trolling, whaling, inquest, analysis, assize, autopsy, blue-ribbon jury, change of venue, coroner, country, court-martial, cross-examination, examination, grand jury, hearing, hung jury, inquirendo, inquiring, inquiring mind, inquiry, inquisition, investigation, jury, jury list, jury of inquest, jury of matrons, jury panel, jury trial, medical examiner, mistrial, mortality committee, necropsy, necroscopy, panel, petit jury, police jury, postmortem, postmortem examination, probe, quest, research, sessions, special jury, trial, trial by jury, trial jury, venire, amassing evidence, audit, bone of contention, canvass, catechism, catechizing, check, close inquir