Synonyms to defy danger

bell the cat, affront, beard, bite the bullet, brave, brazen, brazen out, confront, court danger, face, face the music, face up, face up to, flirt with death, front, go for broke, meet, meet boldly, meet head-on, play Russian roulette, play with fire, run the gauntlet, set at defiance, speak out, speak up, stand up to, tempt Providence, Achilles, Amazon, David, Hector, Roland, Samson, a man, abide, abide with, advantageous, air serviceman, audacious, aweless, baffle, balk, banter, bear, bear with, beneficial, bid defiance, bide, blast, bold, bold-spirited, bravura, braw, breast, bright, bring before, bring forward, bring up, brook, bulldog, call out, cannon fodder, challenge, chance, checkmate, chichi, chivalric, chivalrous, chutzpanik, circumvent, colorful, colory, confident, confound, confront with, contravene, counter, counteract, countermand, counterwork, courageous, court destruction, cross, dare, daring, dash, dashing, dauntless, decorated hero, defeat, defiant, defy, demigod, demigoddess, destroy