Synonyms to deep-seatedness

confirmation, John Hancock, OK, acceptance, affirmance, affirmation, agape, approbation, approval, ascertainment, asperges, aspersion, assurance, attestation, auricular confession, authentication, authorization, backing, backing up, baptism, bar mitzvah, bas mitzvah, bearing out, bolstering, buttressing, celebration, certification, check, checking, circumcision, circumstantiation, collation, comparative scrutiny, confession, corroboration, corroboratory evidence, countersignature, cross-check, deep-rootedness, determination, documentation, embedment, endorsement, ensuring, entrenchment, establishment, evidence, extreme unction, fixation, fixedness, fixity, fixture, fortification, go-ahead, green light, high celebration, holy orders, implantation, imprimatur, incense, infixion, inveteracy, invocation, invocation of saints, kiss of peace, lesser litany, litany, love feast, lustration, matrimony, nod, notarization, okay, pax, penance, permission, processional, proof, proving, proving out, ratification, reassurance, reassurement, reciting the rosary, reinforcement, rubber stamp, sa