Synonyms to deed of release

quitclaim, abandon, abjure, cede, disgorge, dispense with, dispose of, do without, drop, dump, forgo, forswear, get along without, get rid of, give away, give up, have done with, kiss good-bye, make a sacrifice, part with, recant, relinquish, render up, renounce, resign, retract, sacrifice, spare, surrender, swear off, throw up, vacate, waive, waiver, yield, OK, abandonment, abdication, abeyance, abjuration, abjurement, abolishment, abolition, abrogation, admission, allowance, annulment, cancel, canceling, cancellation, cassation, cessation, cession, charter, circumscription, cold storage, concession, consent, countermand, counterorder, defeasance, desistance, discontinuance, dispensation, dropping out, exception, exemption, extenuating circumstances, forbearance, forswearing, grain of salt, grant, handing over, hedge, hedging, invalidation, leave, liberty, license, limitation, mental reservation, modification, nonexercise, nullification, okay, patent, permission, permission to enter, qualification, recall, recantation, release, relinquishment, renege,