Synonyms to decide upon

decide, adjudge, adjudicate, advance, arbitrate, ascertain, assure, bring, call the shots, carry, certify, choose, choose to, cinch, clear up, clinch, command, conclude, conduce to, conjecture, contribute to, control, decree, desire, determine, direct, dismiss all doubt, dispose, elect, engage, enlist, ensure, establish, figure, find, find out, fix, forward, gather, get at, get to do, govern, guess, guide, incline, induce, influence, insure, interest in, judge, lead, lead to, lure, make a decision, make certain, make no doubt, make no mistake, make sure, make sure of, nail down, opt for, order, pick out, procure, prompt, purpose, reassure, redound to, referee, regulate, remove all doubt, resolve, rule, seal, see fit, see that, see to it, select, set, set at rest, settle, sort out, subserve, surmise, sway, take a resolution, tempt, think fit, think good, think proper, turn the scale, umpire, wear the pants, will, wish, abort, act on, actuate, affect, afford proof of, aim, aim at, aspire after, aspire to, assign, be after, be informed, become acquainte