Synonyms to debunk

awaken, alert, annoy, arouse, awake, awaken to, be begotten, be born, be incarnated, become alive to, become aware of, become conscious of, bestir, blow the coals, blow up, break the spell, burst the bubble, call forth, call up, challenge, come alive, come into being, come into existence, come to, come to know, come to life, correct, disabuse, disappoint, disenchant, disillude, disillusion, disillusionize, enkindle, enlighten, enrage, excite, expose, fan, fan the fire, fan the flame, feed the fire, fire, flame, foment, frenzy, get hep to, get next to, get up, get wise to, have it reported, heat, impassion, incense, incite, inflame, infuriate, key up, kindle, knock up, lather up, learn, let down easy, let in on, light the fuse, light up, live again, madden, move, overexcite, pique, prick the bubble, put straight, quicken, raise, raise up, rally, reanimate, resurge, resuscitate, return to life, revive, rise again, rouse, see the light, set astir, set fire to, set on fire, set right, set straight, shake up, show up, steam up, stir, stir the blood, stir the embers, stir the feelings, stir up, summon up