Synonyms to deadweight

avoirdupois, beef, beefiness, fatness, gravity, gross weight, heaviness, heft, heftiness, liveweight, neat weight, net, net weight, overbalance, overweight, ponderability, ponderosity, ponderousness, poundage, tonnage, underweight, weight, weightiness, disadvantage, abuse, ado, afflict, aggrieve, annoyance, anxiety, bar, befoul, besetment, bewitch, blight, blocking, bother, burden, burthen, can of worms, cargo, charge, condemn, corrupt, cross, crucify, cumbrance, curse, damage, defect, defile, deprave, deprivation, despoil, destroy, detriment, difficulty, disability, disaccommodate, discommode, disoblige, disserve, disservice, distress, do a mischief, do evil, do ill, do wrong, do wrong by, doom, drawback, embarrassment, encumbrance, envenom, evil, fault, flaw, freight, get into trouble, great ado, hamper, handicap, harass, harm, headache, hex, hindrance, hurt, impair, impairment, impediment, impedimenta, impose upon, imposition, incommode, inconvenience, infect, injure, injury, jinx, liability, load, loss, loss of ground, lumber, maltreat, matter, menace, mischief, mistreat, molest, obstacle, obs