Synonyms to damper

amplifier, attenuator, audio-frequency tube, ballast regulator, ballast tube, beam-switching tube, convertor, current regulator, detector, discriminator, doubler, ear trumpet, electronic hearing aid, focus tube, generator, hard-of-hearing aid, hearing aid, iconoscope, inverter, limiter, local-oscillator tube, megaphone, mixer tube, modulator, multiplier, multipurpose tube, multivibrator, oscillator, output tube, phase inverter, picture tube, power tube, preamp, preamplifier, pulse generator, radio-frequency tube, receiving tube, rectifier tube, regulator, repeater, speaking trumpet, stethoscope, transducer, transistor hearing aid, trigger tube, vacuum-tube hearing aid, andiron, chain, coal tongs, crane, crook, fire hook, fire tongs, firedog, grate, grating, grid, griddle, gridiron, grill, griller, lifter, poker, pothook, salamander, spit, tongs, tripod, trivet, turnspit, arrest, Jacksonian epilepsy, Rolandic epilepsy, abdominal epilepsy, abduction, absorb, absorb the attention, access, acquired epilepsy, activated epilepsy, affect epilepsy, akinetic epilepsy, apoplexy, apprehe