Synonyms to condoling

cheering, animating, assuring, auspicious, bracing, bright with promise, brisk, cheerful, cheery, comforting, condolatory, condolent, consolatory, consoling, cordial, crisp, crispy, encouraging, energizing, enlivening, exhilarating, favorable, fresh, full of promise, glad, gladdening, heart-warming, heartening, hospitable, inspiring, inspiriting, invigorating, joyful, looking up, of good comfort, of promise, pregnant of good, promising, propitious, reassuring, refreshful, refreshing, regaling, relieving, rousing, stimulating, supportive, sympathetic, tonic, zestful, zesty, alluring, challenging, couleur de rose, exciting, galvanic, galvanizing, inviting, likely, piquant, prompting, p