Synonyms to color hearing

hearing, Gedankenexperiment, acoustic, amassing evidence, assize, attention, audible, audience, audile, audio, audition, auditory, auditory range, aural, auricular, bench test, blue book, bugging, carrying distance, change of venue, chromesthesia, close inquiry, conference, court-martial, cross-examination, department of investigation, detection, detective work, discussion, dry run, ear, earreach, earshot, eavesdropping, electronic surveillance, exam, examen, examination, exhaustive study, favorable attention, final, final examination, five senses, flight test, great go, honors, indagation, inquest, inquiry, inquisition, interview, investigation, investigative bureau, jury trial, legislative investigation, legwork, listening, listening in, meeting, midsemester, midterm, mistrial, negotiation, oral, oral examination, otic, otological, otopathic, otoscopic, parley, perscrutation, phonic, phonism, photism, pilot plan, practical test, practice, prelim, probe, quiz, range, reach, receptor, rehearsal, research, road test, sense organ, senses, sensillum, sensorium, sensory organ, shakedown, s