Synonyms to collate

assort, alphabetize, analyze, arrange, bolt, break down, catalog, categorize, class, classify, codify, digest, distribute, divide, file, gradate, grade, group, index, list, methodize, order, pigeonhole, place, range, rank, rate, riddle, screen, separate, sieve, sift, size, sort, sort out, stratify, subdivide, subordinate, systematize, tabulate, type, audit, accountancy, accounting, analysis, auditing, balance, balance the books, bookkeeping, check, check and doublecheck, check out, check over, checkup, confirm, control, corrective, cost accounting, cost system, cost-accounting system, cross-check, demonstrate, double-check, double-entry bookkeeping, inspect the books, inspection, inventory, investigation, monetary arithmetic, overhaul, perlustration, probe, prove, recheck, review, scan, scrutiny, single-entry bookkeeping, survey, take account of, take stock, test, triple-check, validate, verify, view, appraise, assess, evaluate, factor, gauge, id