Synonyms to cite a particular

illustrate, account for, adorn, adumbrate, allegorize, approve, argue, attest, bespeak, betoken, body forth, breathe, call to mind, cite, clarify, clear up, connote, crack, decipher, decorate, demonstrate, demythologize, denote, display, document, elucidate, embellish, emblazon, embody, enlighten, euhemerize, evidence, evince, example, exemplify, exhibit, explain, explain away, explicate, exposit, expound, express, figure, foreshadow, furnish evidence, give a for-instance, give indication of, give reason for, give the meaning, go to show, illuminate, image, impersonate, imply, incarnate, indicate, instance, involve, itemize, make clear, make plain, manifest, mark, mirror, name, ornament, particularize, personate, personify, picture, point to, popularize, prefigure, pretypify, project, quote, rationalize, realize, reflect, set forth, shadow, shadow forth, shed light upon, show, show how, show signs of, show the way, signalize, signify, simplify, solve, speak for itself, speak volumes, spell out, suggest, symptomatize, tell, tend to show, throw light upon, unfold, unlock, unravel, particulariz