Synonyms to church house

cathedral, accepted, approved, authentic, authoritative, basilica, bethel, cathedral church, church, conventicle, duomo, ex cathedra, house of God, house of prayer, house of worship, kirk, magisterial, meetinghouse, minor basilica, mission, official, patriarchal basilica, place of worship, received, standard, parsonage, Dymaxion house, White House, adobe house, building, casa, clergy house, cliff dwelling, consulate, country house, country seat, dacha, deanery, dwelling house, edifice, embassy, erection, fabric, farm, farmhouse, glebe, hall, house, houseboat, lake dwelling, living machine, lodge, manor house, manse, pastorage, pastorate, penthouse, prefabricated house, presbytery, presidential palace, ranch house, rectory, roof, skyscraper, sod house, split-level, structure, town house, vicarage, abbacy, administration, apostleship, archbishopric, archdeaconry, archiepiscopacy, archiepiscopate, auspices, bishopdom, bishopric, call, canonicate, canonry, cardinalship, care, care of souls, chaplaincy, chaplainship, charge, curacy, cure, cu