Synonyms to chosen people

chosen, a cut above, above, accepted, adopted, ahead, appointed, approved, ascendant, better, capping, carried, champion, choice, cream, designated, distinguished, eclipsing, elect, elected, elected by acclamation, elite, embraced, eminent, espoused, exceeding, excellent, excelling, exclusive, fat, finer, flower, greater, handpicked, higher, in ascendancy, in the ascendant, major, marked, named, nominated, nonesuch, nonpareil, of choice, one up on, optimum, outstanding, over, paragon, passed, pick, picked, prime, prize, queen, quintessence, rare, ratified, rivaling, select, selected, super, superior, superlative, surpassing, the best, the best ever, the tops, the very best, topping, transcendent, transcendental, transcending, unanimously elected, upper, FFVs, accept, admit, ancienne noblesse, appoint, aristocracy, back, back up, ballot, baronage, baronetage, best, chivalry, choose, clannish, cliquish, co-opt, conclude, cull, decide, delivered, designate, destined, determine