Synonyms to chessman

bishop, Aaronic priesthood, Grand Penitentiary, Holy Father, Melchizedek priesthood, Seventy, abuna, antipope, apostle, archbishop, archdeacon, archpriest, bishop coadjutor, canon, cardinal, cardinal bishop, cardinal deacon, cardinal priest, castle, chaplain, coadjutor, curate, deacon, dean, diocesan, ecclesiarch, elder, exarch, hierarch, high priest, king, knight, man, metropolitan, papa, patriarch, pawn, penitentiary, piece, pontiff, pope, prebendary, prelate, priest, primate, queen, rector, rook, rural dean, subdean, suffragan, teacher, vicar, acropolis, bastion, beachhead, blockhouse, bridgehead, bunker, chateau, citadel, court, donjon, fasthold, fastness, fort, fortress, garrison, garrison house, hall, hold, keep, manor, mansion, martello, martello tower, mote, motte, palace, palais, palatial residence, palazzo, peel, peel tower, pillbox, post, rath, safehold, strong point, stronghold, tower, tower of strength, villa, ward, Muslim rulers, Prinz, ace, anointed king, atheling, banker, baron, best bower, big boss, big businessman, bish