Synonyms to chatelaine

abbess, canoness, clergywoman, conventual, dame, dowager, first lady, goodwife, governess, great lady, homemaker, housewife, lady superior, madam, matriarch, matron, mistress, mother superior, novice, nun, postulant, prioress, religieuse, secular canoness, sister, superioress, the reverend mother, director, Kapellmeister, MC, administrator, auteur, ballyhoo man, band leader, band major, bandmaster, banker, barker, baron, big boss, big businessman, big cheese, boss, business leader, businessman, callboy, captain, captain of industry, castellan, chairman, chatelain, chief, cicerone, commandant, commander, conductor, costume designer, costumer, costumier, drum major, emcee, enterpriser, entrepreneur, equestrian director, executive, exhibitor, financier, foreman, gaffer, governor, guide, head, headman, helmsman, impresario, industrialist, intendant, king, kingpin, leader, little businessman, maestro, magnate, makeup man, man of commerce, manager, master, master of ceremonies, number one, official, orchestra leader, overseer, pilot, playreader, president, principal, producer, prompter, ri