Synonyms to charily

carefully, assiduously, cannily, cautiously, circumspectly, considerately, diligently, discreetly, easy, economically, frugally, gingerly, guardedly, heedfully, husbandly, industriously, judiciously, lovingly, mindfully, painstakingly, pawkily, providently, prudently, regardfully, sedulously, solicitously, sparingly, tenderly, thoroughgoingly, thoroughly, thoughtfully, thriftily, with care, with caution, with great care, briefly, compendiously, concisely, curtly, in brief compass, shortly, sparely, succinctly, summarily, synoptically, calculating, canny, careful, cautious, chary, circumspect, considerate, daintily, dainty, deliberate, delicate, delicately, discreet, fastidious, guarded, heedful, hesitant, judicious, leaving out nothing, mindful, nervous, noncommittal, on guard, overlooking no possibility, pawky, politic, prudent, regardful, safe, shy, shyly, slow to act, squeamish, tentative, tentatively, thoroug