Synonyms to charge plate

certificate of deposit, CD, IOU, MO, acceptance, acceptance bill, bank acceptance, bank check, bill, bill of draft, bill of exchange, blank check, callable securities, cats and dogs, certificate, certified check, charge card, check, checkbook, cheque, circular note, commercial paper, corporation securities, credit card, credit instrument, credit slip, debenture, demand bill, demand draft, deposit slip, draft, due bill, exchequer bill, foreign securities, futures contract, government securities, junior securities, letter of credit, listed securities, marketable securities, money order, municipal securities, negotiable instrument, negotiable securities, noncallable securities, note, note of hand, outstanding securities, over-the-counter securities, paper, portfolio, postal order, promissory note, securities, senior securities, short-term note, sight bill, sight draft, stocks and bonds, subject to call, time bill, time draft, trade acceptance, treasury bill, treasury bond, treasury certificate, treasury note, undigested securities, unregistered securities, voucher, wa