Synonyms to cautiously

tenderly, adoringly, affectionately, amorously, ardently, assiduously, carefully, circumspectly, compliantly, considerately, dearly, delicately, devotedly, diligently, easily, fondly, gently, heedfully, industriously, lovingly, mindfully, painstakingly, passionately, regardfully, sedulously, softly, solicitously, submissively, thoroughgoingly, thoroughly, thoughtfully, with affection, with care, with great care, with love, cannily, charily, discreetly, easy, economically, frugally, gingerly, guardedly, husbandly, judiciously, pawkily, providently, prudently, sparingly, thriftily, with caution, deliberately, advisedly, by design, calculatedly, calculatingly, consciously, contemplatedly, crawlingly, creepingly, designedly, dilatorily, falteringly, haltingly, idly, in cold blood, in low gear,