Synonyms to caste

ashram, adytum, body, cell, clan, class, cloister, colony, commonwealth, commune, community, den, economic class, endogamous group, extended family, family, gens, hermitage, hideaway, hideout, hiding place, holy of holies, ivory tower, kinship group, lair, mew, moiety, nuclear family, order, phratria, phratry, phyle, privacy, recess, retreat, sanctum, sanctum sanctorum, secret place, settlement, social class, society, subcaste, totem, category, area, blood, bracket, branch, classification, department, division, estate, grade, group, grouping, head, heading, kin, kind, label, league, level, list, listing, pigeonhole, position, predicament, race, rank, ranking, rating, rubric, section, sector, sept, set, sort, sphere, station, status, strain, stratum, subdivision, subgroup, suborder, tier, title, type, variety, Beau Brummel, Christmas disease, Hand-Schuller-Christian disease, Letterer-Siwe syndrome, Rh factor, Rh-negative, Rh-positive, Rh-type, Rhesus factor, acute leukemia, affiliation, agnate, agnation, alliance, ancestry, anemia, angiohemophilia, anima, animal kingdom, animating