Synonyms to cassock

cape, Inverness cape, academic gown, afghan, beak, bill, blouse, breakwater, burnoose, capote, cardinal, cashmere, chersonese, chlamys, cloak, coral reef, delta, domino, duster, foreland, frock, head, headland, hook, kimono, kirtle, manta, manteau, mantelet, mantelletta, mantellone, mantilla, mantle, mantua, mull, naze, neck, ness, opera cloak, pallium, pelisse, peninsula, peplum, plaid, point, poncho, promontory, reef, robe, sagum, sandspit, shawl, shoulderette, slop, smock, soutane, spit, spur, stole, tabard, tippet, toga, toga virilis, tongue, tunic, wrap-around, wrap-up, wrapper, churchman, cleric, clerical, clerk, confessor, cure, divine, ecclesiastic, father, father confessor, father in Christ, gallach, minister, padre, parish priest, parson, penitentiary, preacher, presbyter, priest, spiritual director, spiritual father, clergyman, DD, Doctor of Divinity, Holy Joe, abbe, ayatollah, brother, canon, chaplain, curate, deacon, dean, dominie, evangelist, friar, guru, holy man, imam, man of God, military chaplain, missio