Synonyms to cap in hand

attentive, accommodating, accommodative, accurate, advertent, affable, agile, agog, agreeable, alert, alive, all ears, all eyes, assiduous, attenuate, awake, aware, bright, careful, cautious, ceremonious, circumspect, civil, close, complaisant, concentrated, concentrating, conscientious, conscious, considerate, correct, courteous, courtly, critical, curious, deferential, delicate, demanding, detailed, diligent, dutiful, eager, earnest, exact, exacting, exigent, exquisite, fair, fine, finical, finicking, finicky, fussy, gallant, graceful, gracious, heedful, helpful, honorific, indulgent, intense, intent, intentive, interested, keen, lenient, listening, loving, meticulous, mindful, mindful of others, minute, narrow, nice, niggling, nimble, obliging, observant, observing, on the, on the alert, on the ball, on the job, open-eared, open-eyed, openmouthed, particular, polite, precise, precisianistic, precisionistic, prompt, punctilious, punctual, qui vive, quick, ready, reedy, refined, regardful, religious, respectful, rigid, rigorous, scrupulous, scrutinizing, sharp, sleepless, slender, slight, slim, smart, soli