Synonyms to bring word

acquaint, accustom, advertise, advertise of, advise, apprise, brief, clue, communicate, disclose, divulge, do the honors, enlighten, familiarize, fill in, give a knockdown, give an introduction, give notice, give the facts, give word, habituate, inform, instruct, introduce, leave word, let know, make acquainted, mention to, notify, post, present, quaint, report, reveal, send word, serve notice, speak, tell, verse, warn, air, announce, annunciate, ballyhoo, bark, bill, blazon, blazon forth, boost, brandish, broadcast, bruit about, build up, bulletin, circularize, cry, cry up, dangle, demonstrate, display, emblazon, establish, exhibit, flash, flaunt, flourish, give a write-up, give publicity, hold up, impart, manifest, parade, placard, plug, post bills, post up, press-agent, proclaim, promote, promulgate, propagandize, publicize, publish, puff, push, put forth, put forward, recount, rela