Synonyms to bossing

auspices, abetment, accountability, administration, advocacy, aegis, approval, authority, backing, care, championship, charge, charity, control, countenance, cure, custodianship, custody, encouragement, eye, favor, fosterage, goodwill, governance, government, guardianship, guidance, hands, influence, intendance, interest, jurisdiction, keeping, management, ministry, oversight, pastorage, pastorate, pastorship, patronage, protection, protectorship, responsibility, safe hands, sanction, seconding, sponsorship, stewardship, superintendence, supervision, support, surveillance, sympathy, tutelage, ward, wardenship, wardship, watch and ward, wing, TLC, accordance, acquittal, acquittance, adherence, adverse circumstances, adversity, advertence, advertency, affliction, agency, agentship, aggravation, agitation, agony, alarm, alertness, all-overs, angst, anguish, annoyance, anticipation, anxiety, anxiety hysteria, anxiety neurosis, anxious bench, anxious concern, anxious seat, anxiousness, apprehension, apprehensiveness, assiduity, assiduous