Synonyms to borscht circuit

booking, appointment, bespeaking, briefing, cataloging, chronicling, circuit, date, employment, engagement, enlistment, enrollment, entering, entry, hiring, impanelment, indexing, inscribing, inscription, insertion, inventorying, listing, logging, matriculation, playing engagement, posting, preengagement, record keeping, recordation, recording, register, registration, registry, reservation, retainment, run, stand, tabulation, taking on, tour, vaudeville circuit, O, air lane, alentours, ambages, ambience, ambit, amplifier circuit, annular muscle, annulus, arena, areola, arsis, association, astable circuit, aureole, back-to-back switching circuit, bailiwick, beat, border, borderland, borderlands, bound, boundary, bout, break, broken circuit, bypass, campaign, chaplet, circle, circuital field, circuiteer, circuitry, circulate, circulation, circumambiencies, circumambulate, circumbendibus, circumference, circumjacencies, circummigrate, circumnavigate, circumstances, circumvent, circumvolution, circus, close the circle, closed circle, closed circuit, coas