Synonyms to booked

logged, documented, down, enrolled, entered, filed, indexed, inscribed, legal, minuted, of record, official, on file, on record, on the books, posted, recorded, registered, written down, billed, Roman-nosed, aquiline, aquiline-nosed, beak-nosed, beak-shaped, beaked, bill-like, bill-shaped, clawlike, crookbilled, crooked, crooknosed, down-curving, hamate, hamiform, hamulate, hooked, hooklike, parrot-nosed, rhamphoid, rostrate, rostriform, scheduled, slated, to come, unciform, uncinate, unguiform, bound, Highland fling, absolute, adjoin, affianced, affiliate, affiliated, allied, and jump, apodictic, apprenticed, articled, assembled, associate, associated, assured, backfire, backlash, backlashing, banded together, barred, befringe, beholden, beholden to, beleaguer, beleaguered, beset, besiege, besieged, betrothed, bind, blockade, blockaded, blocked, boomerang, border, bo